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San Jose, California 95120
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   Serving the Post Production needs of the Bay Area.      
Blog:  Now I'm working on transferring an LP Record to CD.  The record  contains the speeches of Warren G. Harding made during his Presidency 1920 -1923.  This is a record that was brought to me by his granddaughter.  Interesting history of our country.

Graduation time!  Working on a video celebrating college graduation.  Hard work completed her 
goal.  An accomplishment worth celebrating.

Fascinating project about an heroic police officer shot in the line of duty.  A story needing to be told.

Transferring so many old VHS tapes to the memories!

8mm tapes, mini DV many to save and transfer to DVD.  Don't miss out.  Convert those tapes before it's too late!  Give me a call. 408 997-6520.

Audio cassettes....transferring lots and lots of audio cassettes.  Bring yours in.

How to celebrate a birthday?  Create a video montage.  Jean's family just celebrated her 80th birthday with a montage.

Films films films.  Are they collecting dust in a shoe box.  Dust them off and rekindle those memories.  You won't be sorry!

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